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Served with basmati rice.

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Coconut Vegetable Korma Vegetarian

A mixture of vegetables with nuts and creamy coconut gravy.
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Palak Paneer Vegetarian

Spinach and Indian cheese cooked with spices
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Aloo Gobi Vegetarian

Vegan. Potato and cauliflower sauteed in an onion and tomato masala.
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Chana Masala Vegetarian

Slow-cooked chickpeas in a light and traditional curry.
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Bhartha Vegetarian

Mashed eggplant cooked with onion, tomato & traditional spices.
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Shahi Paneer Vegetarian

Indian cheese cooked in a creamy curry with nuts and raisins.
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Mutter Paneer Vegetarian

Indian cheese and peas in a creamy onion and tomato curry.
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Dal Palak Vegetarian

Medley of slow-cooked lentils cooked with spinach and traditional herbs...
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Vegetable Jalfrezi Vegetarian

Mixed vegetable sauteed in an onion and tomato masala.
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Malai Kofta Vegetarian

Soft veggie balls with nuts and raisins in a creamy coconut gravy
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Dal Makhni Vegetarian

Leatil-cooked with onion, tomatoes and spices
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Kadahi Paneer Vegetarian

Paneer cooked with tomatoes, green pepper, exotic spices